Maximalist Jewelry Trends

Maximalist Jewelry Trends

Every day, we go out displaying a piece of ourselves that we want people to notice and remember. Some do this through their outfits, others through their shoes, and still others who do it through their jewelry.

Maximalist jewelry allows you to show a glimpse of your complex self through the various pieces you wear. Since it is all a matter of personal taste and style, there is no ‘right’ way to be maximalist. However, it is possible to err when trying to keep up with this incoming jewelry trend. Here are five ways to properly embrace maximalism without doing yourself or your jewelry a disservice.

  1. More is More

With maximalism, you can put as many pieces of jewelry on display as you want. While you can certainly choose a centralized a statement piece, do not restrict yourself to just two or three accessories. You can go with an array of metallic earrings, mixing dangling ones with studs along your lobe.

These Strass gold Chanel Glass Pearl & Resin dangling earrings make for a glamorous start to your array.

  1. Pop Off with Color

There is no room for modesty in maximalism. If you love color, then go all out without shying away from bold, bright colors. You can keep it monochromatic, or choose adjacent colors on the color wheel to create a harmonized look. If your goal is to stand out, opposite colors on the wheel are the way to go (think blue and orange, for example). And if you want to mix in a little bit of everything, then you simply cannot go wrong with rainbow colors.

This Shane Co. Baguette Bar Necklace is one such colorful piece that you should definitely add to your ensemble.

  1. Blend Styles

There are no hard and fast rules to maximalism. You do not have to restrict yourself to one pattern or style. If you love the classy look of metallic bracelets, but cannot resist the appeal of cowrie shells or cloth tassels, then bring them all together to create a bohemian look. Incorporate austerity, whimsy, and adventure in one look to truly express who you are.

Here is some inspiration on how to wear the Pomellato Nudo Gelè 18K rose and white gold rings with gemstones.

  1. Repetition

Maximalism lets you wear your favorite patterns as many times as you want. The easiest way to do this is by wearing animal prints, gemstones, or taking advantage of the repetitive, geometric lines of abstract pieces. Bracelets and bangles are probably the easiest jewelry item to try this out with.

If you are selective about what you wear, you can create a beautiful pattern with the pieces you already like. Stack two or three pieces of Tiffany & Co.’s Hardwear Wrap Bracelet to wear on each hand.

  1. Layer Up

If you are not sure you can pull off maximalism, start by layering up. This is a fuss-free option to maximalism that will have you effortlessly put together three or four pieces. Chunky pieces can be layered with thin ones, silver with gold, and metallic with plastic.

Roberto Coin’s Satin Royal Princess Flower Bracelet will make a great addition to any bracelet stack.

Maximalism will help you communicate to the world who you are without a single word. Do not shy away from embracing this jewelry trend, and have fun with all of your favorite pieces!


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