Statement Necklaces for Summer 2021

Statement Necklaces for Summer 2021

It’s the season of floral dresses, bikinis, and cute, cropped tops. And what better way to accessorize all that skin on display than with a stunning statement necklace?

We’ve shunned them long enough. Seeing as things are gradually returning to normal and we can once again enjoy beach days and dinners a la carte, it’s the perfect time to collect some statement necklaces and start, well, making a statement.

And these necklaces are not only restricted for outdoor events. They also make Zoom meetings at home way more glamorous!

Here are my top 2021 summer statement necklace picks.

Radical Naturaleza Shell and Leather Necklace Set by Johanna Ortiz

If you’re looking for an eye-catching accessory to wear to the beach this weekend, make it this bohemian, four-tiered necklace comprised of leather cords embellished with seashells.

It’s bold, it’s sizable, and it’s brimming with personality. You can also wear the necklaces solo for a more understated look.

Molded Spine Choker by Cornelia Webb

Seeking something sleeker?

This elegant gold-plated brass choker features four falling pendants that can be worn on the front or back. Wear it with a V-neck dress or backless gown–it’ll look sensational both ways.


Unlike the former, this one’s more suited to glitzy nights out than days at the beach. But if you can work it into your beach look, go for it!

Mega Link Necklace by Jenny Bird

Did you think that chain-link necklaces went out of vogue years ago? No way–it seems they’re still very much happening. And the thicker, the better…

How beautiful is this bold style from Jenny Bird?

Chain-links aren’t always my thing, but this gold tone-dipped design adds a splash of glamour, glitz, and power to any outfit.

Pair it with an off-the-shoulder shirt or dress to show it off!

Grape Necklace by Georg Jensen

A significant misconception about statement necklaces is that they’re too flashy, or too unrefined. This classic yet contemporary piece proves statement can be cultured.

With its cascading sterling silver beads and stunning asymmetrical design, this necklace is the epitome of elegance.

It’s the perfect accessory for enhancing your little black dress or making an outfit look more expensive than it is.

Classic Pearly Starburst Necklace by Oscar De La Renta

Coming from a brand built on the foundation of craftsmanship, femininity, and timelessness, I was bound to fall in love with this breathtaking piece.

From polished yellow golden pewter hardware, pearly starburst stations graduate, shining with Swarovski crystal pearls. The necklace also features an adjustable lobster clasp, fitting with the beach vibes theme.

Wear it with your breezy floral dress, your gem-studded swimsuit, or your evening corporate event gown–it works for every occasion.

Rigid Necklace with Charms by Tommaso Lonardo

From Swarovski crystals and colorful medallions to lavish keys and crosses, this beautiful necklace will breathe life into any outfit.

Charms are getting a lot of attention right now, so this design is well on trend.

Prepare to charm yourself–and everyone around you–once you drape this treasure trove of delights around your neck.


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