How to Keep Your Jewelry Organized

How to Keep Your Jewelry Organized

Tossing your necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings into a pile when you get home every evening may seem convenient at the time, but there’s a better way to do things. It’s called organizing your jewelry.

I like the concept of having my precious pieces stored away safely, with my daily necessities where I can see them, ready for accessorizing. It doesn’t just keep my jewelry safe and tangle-free–it streamlines my morning routine significantly!

Here’s my advice for keeping your collection tidy, untangled, and organized.

Designate a Drawer for Jewelry

Shallow drawers work best for keeping your valuables easily accessible. Use a jewelry drawer organizer with compartments in different sizes so you can organize your rings, necklaces, and other items within separate spaces. By assigning a drawer for your jewelry, you’ll have all your favorite pieces in one place without having to hunt down misplaced earrings or bracelets before you leave for work in the morning.

This Blue Nile Garnet Cushion Cocktail Ring would look beautiful sitting in your jewelry drawer looking up at you each morning as you select the day’s pieces.

Keep Your Go-To Accessories Visible

Give your daily pieces their own individual place so that they won’t get misplaced, tangled, or broken. I would recommend investing in a jewelry tray, which is easily opened and ideal for keeping your treasures where you can see them. After all, who wants to routinely put things back into a jewelry box only to take them out again the next day?

You can also keep a large-ish tray on your nightstand as a place to drop your daily pieces before getting under the covers. It will save you so much time and prevent anything from getting lost.

These Tiffany Olive Branch Pearl Earrings make the perfect daily accessory for glamming up your lobes and adding elegance to your tray.


Hang Up Your Necklaces

Long necklaces and pendants are prone to getting tangled, and they don’t look good twisted up in a jewelry box. If you’re particularly fond of long necklaces and have a collection of more than two, try hanging the prettiest ones up on decorative hooks attached to your wall in your dressing area. Displaying your necklaces will keep them safe and orderly, while also reminding you to wear them more often.

If you don’t fancy hanging them on hooks, purchase a hanging jewelry organizer which can be mounted on the wall or a jewelry organizer with a hook at the top which can hang in your closet.

Put this Tiffany Rose Gold T Smile Pendant up on display to glamorize your long necklace collection.


Put Your Special Pieces Away

Protect your fine jewelry and special-occasion gems by storing them inside a jewelry box. Jewelry boxes aren’t ideal for people with a small daily-wearable collection, but they are perfect for people who invest a lot in luxury jewelry.

Keep your diamond-encrusted bracelets and other beloved treasures inside jewelry boxes and bags inside of a jewelry box to keep them safe, organized, and dust-free.

Something like this Juste Un Clou Bracelet from Cartier, for example, does not belong on a nightstand tray exposed to dust and peeping eyes. It belongs in a safe, secure place–or maybe even a vault.


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