All the Stars: Why Celestial Jewelry Is Trending Right Now

All the Stars: Why Celestial Jewelry Is Trending Right Now

This holiday season, celestial jewelry was orbiting around designers’ collections—and by the look of it, this trend is going to continue well into 2021. 

I believe it’s a matter of inspiring hope. To give people an escape from the darkness that was 2020 and show them a little magic in the form of celestial motifs like moons, stars, and zodiacs that spark joy. 

Crescent moons and shooting stars are also associated with luck, love, and protection, serving as a perfect reminder of interconnection wherever one is. Especially during this difficult time when many of us are separated from our loved ones.

If you’re looking for a token of love and hope to enter 2021 with, I’ve found the most mesmerizing on-trend celestial pieces that will add a twinkle to your life. 

To the Moon and Back

“This year, our celestial love has also moved into crescent moons,” says New York-based fine jeweler Ashley Zhang of her latest designs. “Moons can signify cycles of time and something larger than yourself.”

There’s also a sense of connection between us and the moon. Wherever we are in the world, we all see the same moon–I think that’s so powerful and enlightening.  

That’s why I adore Zhang’s Enamel Moon Love Token, a charm inscribed with the words “a la lune et retour,” meaning “to the moon and back.”

Made of 14k gold and featuring stars set with opals and a diamond crescent moon, this charm makes a perfect gift—for a loved one, or yourself.

Star Meets Moon

I’m besotted with Tiffany’s 18k rose gold Star & Moon Pendant. It features a beautiful combination of symbols that perfectly capture the joyful moments and memories of life. 

Wear it every day as a reminder to look up and move forward. And most importantly, as a reminder to treasure your nearest and dearest—and the precious memories you make together.

A Guiding Light

The sun is often associated with strength and power. It’s a symbol of joy, happiness, and glory. I, for one, can’t express the motivation I feel each morning when I wake up with the sun. 

No piece of jewelry represents that notion better than Marlo Laz’ Guiding Light Necklace. This stunning pendant necklace, with its dazzling rays of multicolored sapphires, really is the guiding light that leads you to better, brighter days.

The Cosmos Painted in Gemstones

Finding light through the darkness is easier with this colorful array of sapphires, tsavorites, and diamonds set on an 18k gold ring. While I tend to opt for neutrality when investing in jewelry, color provides a more playful and relaxed feel. Plus, color always makes me feel good.

Temple St. Claire’s Horizon Ring is an elegant yet powerful nod to the universe, and a reminder to stay hopeful and keep looking forward. 

Zodiac Reveal

Horoscope jewelry never goes out of style. It’s a fusion of celestial and personalization trends, which couldn’t be more relevant for 2021. I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned a great deal more about myself this year, despite its dark moments. Wearing your astrological sign in 2021 will be a way to express yourself as an individual, and your connection to the earth. 

My latest favorite zodiac piece is the Zodiac Reveal Ring by Shahla Karimi. Diamonds spread 360 degrees are set in highly polished 14k gold, designed for the pinky finger to honor yourself or a loved one. 


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