2020 Jewelry Trends that Will Be a Big Hit in 2021

2020 Jewelry Trends that Will Be a Big Hit in 2021

If you are anything like me, you stockpiled most of the runway jewelry pieces for 2020, ready to show up and show off (in a sophisticated way, of course). But then the Coronavirus hit, and aside from wearing one or two pieces to my local grocery store, all I could do with my 2020 collection is gaze at it yearningly, making silent promises that it will eventually see the sun. Fortunately, most of what we acquired in 2020 will carry over beautifully into the New Year. Without further ado, here are five jewelry trends to bring into 2021 with us!

Bigger is Better

I’m definitely not the only one who resolved to be bolder in the new decade, and chose my jewelry pieces with this idea in mind. Since 2020 did not give me the chance to be as daring as I wanted, 2021 is a new beginning and a chance to check off this resolution from my list. Forget about stacking slender, delicate pieces—instead, choose a big (or long) piece for just the right amount of drama!

Imagine pairing a shirtless blazer outfit with this beautiful Gold & Crystal necklace by Chanel.


Or try rocking this bold rose-gold five-band ring from BVLGARI.

You can even venture out of metallic jewelry with chunky beaded necklaces and bracelets. There are no rules! Choose your big, bold piece and work everything else around it.

Pearls Are Here to Stay…

Pears are still on trend, but these are not your grandma’s perfectly-round, slightly dated pearls! What’s in style now are Baroque pearls, distinct for their “imperfect” shapes that feature oval or lumpy surfaces. Baroque pearls are reminiscent of a more natural and earthy design, giving you an effortlessly classy look regardless of the occasion.

Case in point, these detachable Baroque pearl earrings with a satin finish from Margot Mckinney Jewelry, which are designed to look like a coconut husk.

This 18k white gold Baroque pearl bracelet from Assael is a delight to look at and wear.

I am obsessed with this Baroque Pearl Necklace by Stephen Dweck.

A Single (Earring) Statement

Can you imagine trying to convince your coworkers that the one earring you have on is an intentional fashion statement and not a last-minute attempt to look stylish over Zoom? Speaking from experience, this is not an easy feat. That is why the single earring trend will shine in 2021 the way it couldn’t in 2020. The beauty of it is that you can wear one from a pair of earrings that you already own!

Here’s some asymmetrical earring inspiration from the Ulla Johnson’s Spring/Summer 2021 fashion collection.

Combine two trends in one with either of these Diamond and Baroque Pearl single earrings from Ana Khouri.

Charmed, I’m Sure

Pendant jewelry made a timid comeback in 2020, but it’s going to go all the way in 2021. Whether you prefer small charms on your bracelet, or want to make a statement through your necklace, there is a pendant for every taste.

This charming Sterling silver charm bracelet from Tiffany & Co can also be engraved.

This 23” 18k yellow gold necklace with a tiger-head pendant from Gucci is a great layering piece. 

Something that I am very excited to see become a popular trend are tiny bags worn as necklace pendants! This Pico Baguette Charm from Fendi is chic and versatile.


And finally, the classic chain-link jewelry design will continue to be popular in 2021. Just look at this 18k gold graduated link necklace from Tiffany & Co.

And these adorable two-tone link earrings from David Yurman.

So before you give away your 2020 jewelry collection, sift through it to see what you can use in the New Year. Better yet, buy some complementary pieces to add to your collection so that you can be fashionably trendy all year-long!


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