What Your Favorite Jewelry Says About You

What Your Favorite Jewelry Says About You

How you accessorize tells people a lot about who you are. While jewelry trends vary from season to season, you’ll probably notice that you have a penchant for certain pieces. Perhaps it’s for statement dangling earrings, elegant diamond studs, pearl necklaces, or unicorn pendant charms. Remember, it’s the little details that tell the bigger story.

Do you find yourself strapping on that same old necklace or bracelet every day or selecting mirroring pieces when you shop jewelry online? Let’s find out what your favorite jewelry says about you.

Costume Jewelry

Got a thing for big hoop earrings or extravagant cocktail rings with huge, colorful gems? This taste in jewelry reflects your fun and adventurous personality. No doubt, you’re the kind of woman who’s the life of the party, bubbly and outgoing, always up for some fun. People are drawn to your warmth and cheerful personality.

It could also mean you like to stay on-trend. Flashy jewelry is all over Instagram right now. 

If you’re a costume jewelry lover, you’ll adore Tiffany’s Mesh Bib Necklace. 

Classic Stones

Think solitaire rings and diamond studs. Tiffany, Cartier, Saks Fifth Avenue—they’re your go-to’s. 

Those who prefer simple, elegant pieces are perfectly poised with traditional values. They’re confident and loyal, yet equally as modest. They enjoy wearing jewelry that goes with everything, and do glamor in an eloquent yet understated manner. You never settle for second best and always pay attention to details, like your jewelry. 

If you favor dramatic strings of pearls, draping necklaces, big hooped earrings, and statement rings, then you’re one part classic, and one part flashy.

This pair of Blue Nile 14k white gold Diamond Studs will complement both your elegantly simple and dramatic statement pieces.

Color Coordinated

If you have a habit of matching your earrings with your necklace with your bracelet (you see where I’m going with this), it could be because you’re the neat, responsible, and organized type. 

You like wearing color-coordinated jewelry because, somehow, it just feels–and looks–right. It comes to you as naturally as color-coordinating your wardrobe and work folders do. 

Many professionals opt for this style of jewelry, as it instills a sense of trust in work partners that, unfortunately, bright floral pieces do not.

My pick for matching jewelry: Gordon’s Jewelers Unstoppable Love Diamond Teardrop Pendant and Earrings Set in 10k White Gold. 


Whimsical jewelry wearers are life’s fun-lovers. They choose charm bracelets with unicorns and fairies, and pendant necklaces with teacups. Not because they’re on-trend, but because they’re cute and fun. 

Sound like you? You probably don’t focus on brand names, and have a great appreciation for antique jewelry. For you, accessorizing means draping unique one-of-a-kind pieces over your neck and having a lot of fun doing it.

That’s because life for you is an adventure. An exhilarating one!

Another pick from Tiffany’s: Rubellite Firefly Pendant. 

Recycled Materials

You care about the planet, and you wear jewelry that reflects that. Shell necklaces, sea glass earrings, driftwood bracelets—they’re your thing. You also opt for earth tones like sea blue and forest green, representing your appreciation for the planet.

And if you do happen to shop for something with more bling, you triple check it’s sustainably sourced, like this Erth Jewelry Oval Emerald Ring.

Whatever your style sensibility, the beauty of jewelry is that you can always change it up and try on different “personalities.” Try pairing some unexpected pieces together and have fun layering your necklaces and bracelets! 




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