November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine

November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine

As the leaves fall and the temperature drops, November brings with it a unique charm and a rich color palette that is perfectly reflected in its birthstones. If you were born in November, you are lucky to have a choice between two captivating gems: topaz and citrine. With their warm and vibrant hues, these stunning stones are a great addition to your jewelry collection. Here’s everything you should know about November birthstones.


What are the November Birthstones?

Topaz is the traditional birthstone for November. However, citrine is now also considered a November birthstone. While topaz comes in a rainbow of colors, citrine is known for its yellow and orange hues. Both birthstones have calming energies and are said to bring fortune to the wearer.


Topaz is an aluminum silicate mineral that contains fluorine. Depending on the stone’s trace elements, its color can vary from pink to yellow, blue, brown, and orange. The most popular and traditional shade for this month is a rich golden yellow.

Known for its captivating and fiery beauty, topaz is believed to symbolize love and affection. It is also associated with strength and protection. Since November is a transitional month, topaz reminds one to embrace change and enjoy the adventure.

Topaz has a rich history dating back to ancient civilizations. Its name is thought to originate from the Greek word “topazion.” The ancient Egyptians revered it, and the Romans believed it had protective qualities. During the Middle Ages, topaz was associated with various healing and mystical properties.

This stone is found worldwide, including Brazil, the U.S., China, Madagascar, Mexico, and more.


Citrine, often referred to as the “healing quartz,” is the sunny alternative to topaz for November birthdays. This gemstone possesses a warm, golden-yellow to orange hue that exudes positivity and happiness. Citrine is thought to bring wealth, success, and prosperity to those who wear it.

It has been a popular gemstone since ancient times. The ancient Greeks used citrine to create rock crystal ornaments, while the Roman pontiffs wore rings set with citrine and other gemstones. It was also a popular gemstone of choice in the Victorian era.

Citrine can be found throughout the world, from Spain to Bolivia, Mexico to Madagascar, and Uruguay.

Best November Birthstone Jewelry

Whether you want to treat yourself or get that special someone a personal and thoughtful birthday gift, here are some citrine and topaz pieces to choose from.

David Yurman

Chatelaine Pendant Necklace

A romantic pendant in sterling silver set with a central blue topaz surrounded by pavé diamonds.

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Divas’ Dream Watch

You can’t go wrong with a smart, diamond-encrusted watch like this one from Bulgari. It features an 18kt rose gold case and petals set with sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds, pink opal inserts, and citrine.

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Tiffany & Co.

Cabochon Ring

A smooth, striking design, the Cabochon Ring takes birthstone jewelry to new heights with its dazzling blue topaz. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one born in the month of November.

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David Yurman

Chatelaine Stud Earrings

These citrine stud earrings may look simple, but their vibrant hue and subtle sparkle will certainly make an impression—and a statement. Crafted in 18kt yellow gold, citrine gemstones are wrapped in pavé-set diamonds for the most striking finish.

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