How to Pull Off the Single Earring Trend

How to Pull Off the Single Earring Trend

From Brandon Maxwell to Christian Dior Haute Couture, fall runways weren’t short of bold and intriguing jewelry looks, including the single earring. If your jewelry box is unintentionally filled with single earrings, this really is the perfect trend to try this season. Finally, a chance for you to make use of all those neglected pieces you love.

Here’s how to master the single earring trend and the best earrings to shop the look.

Make it Memorable

First and foremost, your asymmetrical earring look must be memorable. While you can opt for small and understated pieces, the best way to pull off the single earring trend is to wear one statement earring. Ideally, something that hangs all the way down to your shoulder. Alternatively, choose a piece that dazzles with diamonds or bursts with colorful gemstones. A geometric gold piece would also work.

The single earring trend is your opportunity to dress up that one ear. Whether you choose one elaborate piece or a few smaller pieces, make it memorable.


Mix Shapes and Lengths

Single earrings are a fun way to be creative and experiment with different styles. Instead of being overly concerned with the rules of styling, play around by mixing all shapes and lengths.

You cannot go wrong as long as the earrings complement each other. Try mixing stones and metals, too. This is your chance to experiment and show off your individuality. Do not be afraid to take risks and most importantly, have fun.

Maintain Balance

Since you are only wearing one earring, balance is essential. Try pairing it with a simple stud. If you want to add balance and create a more understated look, pair your statement single earring with a simple stud on the opposite ear.

This combination creates a sense of balance and imparts a touch of understated elegance to your overall look. By doing so, you strike a harmonious chord between boldness and subtlety, making your single earring stand out while maintaining a well-balanced appearance.

Shop the Look

Want to give the single earring trend a try? Here are some excellent choices for pulling off the look.

Tiffany & Co.

Double Long Link Earrings

Make a bold statement with these linear and industrial 18k rose gold earrings. Wear one alone or pair with a simple stud to create an elegant yet striking single earring look.

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David Yurman

Chatelaine Teardrop Earrings

Contemporary and refined, these teardrop earrings glimmer with black orchid, Indian blue sapphire, and Hampton blue topaz. Perfect for creating a look that oozes old Hollywood glamour with a modern day twist.

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Clash De Cartier Earrings

Add a pop of color to your lobes with these rose gold earrings adorned with amazonite. Wearing one alone creates a fierce yet glamorous look you’ll love.

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