Cindy Chao: The Art Jewel

Cindy Chao: The Art Jewel

The eponymous brand Cindy Chao: The Art Jewel opened its first showroom in 2004, motivated by the designer’s desire to break boundaries and redefine high jewelry. She believes that every piece of fine jewelry should be a miniature work of art, and she is dedicated to using the classic 18th century artisanal technique of crafting designs in wax before completing these intricate sculptures with precious metal and gemstones. Her two collections, the museum-calibre Black Label Masterpieces, and the White Label Collection, are much sought after by connoisseurs. Jewelry highlights include prestigious auctions exhibits at Beijing Today Art Museum, Tokyo Mori Art Museum, and Masterpiece London. Learn more at


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Debbie Azar is the Co-Founder and President of Gemological Science International (GSI), one of the largest gemological organizations in the world, and a distinguished leader in the global diamond and jewelry industry. As an executive with extensive knowledge of the jewelry and gem lab industries, her entrepreneurial skills and vision have helped GSI achieve rapid and continuous growth worldwide, establishing 13 leading-edge gemological facilities on four continents. She currently serves on the boards of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Responsible Jewellery Council, and Jewelers for Children, and is a member of the 24 Carat Club of New York. She has been featured in Forbes, Daily Mail, Good Morning America, Bloomberg, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fox Business, Fox5, CBS2, BOLDTV, Varney&Co, The Street, and NASDAQ, among others.

Debbie Azar

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