5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Watch

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Watch

Choosing a watch can feel overwhelming, but it does not need to be. Whether you are a seasoned watch collector or it’s your first time buying a watch, finding the perfect piece can be as simple as asking yourself five basic questions in order to find a watch that best meets your needs and tastes.

  1. Subtle or Statement?

First things first, you want a watch you love—and not just like. After all, this will be a timeless piece of jewelry in your collection that you’ll most likely keep for years, if not decades. For that reason, devote some time to thinking about color and design. Are you looking for a small, subtle watch that you can wear to work daily? Or are your eyes on something bolder—a piece reserved for special occasions, perhaps?

  1. Quartz or Mechanical?

Watches can be categorized into two primary movement types: quartz and mechanical. Quartz watches are battery-powered, offering accurate timekeeping without much maintenance. Mechanical watches, on the other hand, feature intricate gears and springs, showcasing traditional craftsmanship. Your choice between the two should align with your personal preferences. Mechanical watches often appeal to those who appreciate craftsmanship, while quartz watches are favored for their practicality.

  1. Strap or Bracelet?

Watch bracelets are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their variety of materials, including steel, gold, and ceramic. They are perfect for those who like a sleek and refined look. Equally as elegant, yet more versatile, are strap watches. Straps come in leather, rubber, or fabric, with many brands offering interchangeable watch straps so you can switch them around as you wish.

  1. Large or Small?

Watches come in a wide range of sizes, from tiny sub-20mm dials to sizable 40mm and larger timepieces. When choosing a watch, consider your wrist size. It is crucial to have an idea of what will suit you to avoid ending up with a watch that swamps you. Or you might simply prefer an oversized watch to a dainty one. Pay close attention to how the watch fits to ensure you make the best possible decision.

  1. Does it Suit Your Lifestyle?

Consider the primary purpose of your watch. Is it going to be an everyday accessory, a formal piece, or a sports watch? Are you someone who spends a lot of time in the water—or an avid diver? Different watches are designed for various functions and environments. An everyday watch should be durable and water-resistant, while a formal watch should exude elegance and sophistication.

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Now that you know what you want in a watch, here are some of the best watches for every occasion.


Gem Dior Watch

A quartz movement watch made with steel and mother-of-pearl, the Gem Dior Watch is durable enough for daily use yet sleek and precious enough to be saved for special occasions.

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Pasha De Cartier Watch

The Pasha de Cartier watch exudes luxury with its yellow gold 750/1000 case, crowned by a distinctive fluted crown cap adorned with sapphires. Those who appreciate traditional craftsmanship will adore this mechanic movement watch with its automatic winding.

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Datejust 31 Watch

A magnificent, timeless watch in 18kt Everose gold with a President bracelet and chocolate, diamond-set dial. It’s also waterproof to 100 meters.

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