Why Anklets are a Summer Staple

Why Anklets are a Summer Staple

Certain styles of jewelry rise in popularity with each coming season. In the late spring and summer months, the top jewelry of choice is anklets.

According to Lifetime Jewelry, 70% of all anklets are purchased during those months.

“As more women wear shorts or short skirts, they also like to accessorize by showing off their ankles,” said Karen Louise, founder of Lifetime Jewelry. “Anklets look great with casual styles like sandals and also add a stylish touch to heels and fancy shoes.”

Not sure what to make of anklets? Maybe you just haven’t found the right one. Here are some that may enhance your attraction for the much-loved summer accessory, along with some reasons why you need to pick one up this summer!

Anklets Add a Summery Touch to Your Outfit

Whether you’re wearing a floral breezy dress or simply a bathing suit, anklets add an additional pop of summer vibes to your outfit. Especially if you choose a casual design embellished with seashells like Brinker and Eliza’s Blissed Out Anklet.

With its strand of freshwater pearls adorned with gold-plated brass cowrie shells, this anklet looks beach-friendly yet elegant. And because no two pearls are the same in terms of color and size, there’s depth and beauty to this design that looks refined yet casual enough to wear while lounging by the pool–or at the beach.

Anklets Glam Up Your Feet

Draw attention to your pretty French pedicure or Louboutin stilettos with this Diamond Tennis Anklet by The Last Line.

In the winter, you don’t get much opportunity to show off your legs and feet. Make the most of summer skin exposure by dressing up your ankles in sparkling jewels.

With its line of white diamonds set on a 14k yellow gold plate, this classic piece is a cool and sophisticated accessory to add some sparkle to your silhouettes.

Anklets are Unbelievably Universal

You can wear them during the day with flip flops or accessorize elegant heels in the evening. Sometimes, the same anklet can take you from day to night, like Miu Miu’s dazzling crystal anklet.

This sparkling piece made up of tiny circles studded with synthetic crystals looks good with everything from beachwear to office attire, or from day-at-the-mall jeans and T’s to evening party frocks.

Anklets are Pretty and Playful

Want to show off the playful side of your personality that nobody knows about? Maybe it’s time to accessorize with a fun anklet.

I can’t think of a better choice than Jennifer Zeuner’s 14k Goldplated & White Enamel Star Anklet.

This trio of tiny star-shaped charms in shiny white enamel pop against the delicate goldtone anklet. Wear it with whatever you like–you’re guaranteed to make a memorable entrance with this adorable piece.

Anklets Make Any Outfit Look Cooler

No matter your age, anklets have a fascinating ability to enhance your outfit and make it look cooler.

Just look at this FARFECH Coup De Coeur Ankle Chain. Talk about a statement-making piece of jewelry!

Composed of gold-plated brass with a cable-link chain, clasp fastening, and an engraved logo, accessorizing with this bold anklet will instantly pick up a dull outfit or make amazing attire appear even more astounding.


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