Valentine’s Day 2021 Engagement Ring Trends

Valentine’s Day 2021 Engagement Ring Trends

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s a chance your beloved partner with whom you’ve cemented your relationship through hundreds of hours spent in lockdown together may just pop the question. Valentine’s Day is, after all, the most popular time of year for proposals. 

Whether you’re choosing the ring together, or waiting for your beloved to ask you for your hand in marriage, it’s crucial that you love the piece of jewelry you’re about to wear every day for the rest of your life. Even if that means leaving not-so-subtle hints (for example, leaving an engagement ring page conspicuously open on your laptop’s web browser). 

So what has 2021 got in store for us when it comes to the sparklers? Let’s take a look!

Rings with a Personal Touch

With so much uncertainty due to the pandemic, it’s hardly surprising that couples want to take control of what few details they can add to their ring. 

“People are continually searching for ways to do things differently,” says Madeline Fraser, founder and CEO of Gemist. “We’ve seen all the rings flashed on every social media channel. People are looking to add another layer to the traditional wedding band, putting some extra love and meaning behind it.” 

Don’t you just love that? I know I do!

Tacori’s build-your-perfect-ring feature gives couples the freedom to customize their ring precisely the way they want it. Take a look at this gorgeous duo-tone 18k white gold Inflori, embellished with a pear-shaped diamond.

Pearl Rings

As much as I adore diamonds, unconventional stones also work in an engagement ring. Take pearls, for example—as seen in 2019 on actress Emma Stone when she got engaged, and most recently on pop star Ariana Grande. They’re beautiful and elegant, yet unconventional in the bridal world.

My choice for a pearl-embellished engagement ring is Catbird’s Winter Pearl Ring. 

Band Style Rings

Since many weddings are being postponed, a lot of couples are opting for a band style engagement ring instead of a single stone ring. It also appears that this trend dates back centuries in Europe.

“Traditionally, in many European countries they do not give engagement rings, but rather, wedding bands/eternity bands as engagement/wedding bands rings,” says Emily Rudman, founder of Emilie Heathe. She adds that pandemic safety measures are also keeping this trend going. “This style is easier to clean and sanitize, enduring the constant washing and hand sanitizing we are doing these days.” 

My favorite engagement band so far has got to be Swati Dhanak’s Dublo Movement Ring. Technically it’s a band, but encircled with diamonds to give it that sparkle all brides-to-be crave.  

Light Blue Rings

Blue gemstones will also be a big engagement ring trend this year. It all started when Kate Middleton got engaged to Prince William with Princess Diana’s iconic Ceylon sapphire ring. This year, it’s all about light blue stones—think topaz, aquamarines, opals, and tanzanite.

Blue Nile’s Aquamarine and Diamond Halo Ring is my number one pick. 

Regardless of which style you favor, a beautiful engagement ring that speaks to your individuality is the perfect way to showcase your love and mark the start of your next chapter as a couple.


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