Trend Alert Fall 2020: A Charmed Life

Trend Alert Fall 2020: A Charmed Life

As you’ll currently notice across the jewelry world, collecting fine charms has become a covetable activity. From etched symbols to diamond-encrusted initials, women everywhere are loading up and layering charms around their necks with a mélange of chains. It has truly become an accessorizing art form.

I’m totally on board with this newfound trend and I love to keep up with different brands for their unique designs as there really is nothing like a meaningful piece of fine jewelry. Bespoke or not, the pieces I’m seeing are fit for any taste, memory, or milestone. And yes, they come in lots of different gemstones and metals.

Wearing charms dates all the way back to pre-historic times when natural elements like shells and rocks were donned for both decoration and to dissolve evil spirits. Later, in ancient Egypt, charms were worn more for identification reasons upon heading into the afterlife. Eventually, Queen Victoria opened up the charm bracelet tradition and increased its popularity in Europe, using symbols of her life to compose an entire bracelet. Jewelry houses, such as the iconic Tiffany & Co. followed in 1889, and put a modern-day spin on the design with a single heart charm. Soldiers during World War II were able to collect charms from their destinations and bring them home to loved ones for a gentle reminder of their time away. This brings us to today, where we’ve notably shifted from the traditional wrist ornamentation to the necklace assemblage we’ve grown to treasure so much. Here are some of my current favorites with lovely symbolism so that you can try this trend for yourself.

A Bug’s Life

The playful look of insects and scarabs has become elegant. This charm from Aurelie Bidermann features a classic beetle crafted in yellow gold with pave diamonds on the clasp. The intricate etching just makes the piece look so real—and of course, carries out the symbolic meaning behind the beetle, which is widely known for strength and stability. I would match it with any other charm and place it on any type of chain.

To the Moon

Yes, celestial charms have been done, but this one transcends others. It speaks to the Victorian era thanks to a gorgeous contrast of Malachite and diamonds. Finished in 14k gold, it is supposed to resemble the iconic heirloom pieces of the time, while still holding onto the meaning behind a crescent moon: creativity and fertility. It is of course big enough to be worn on its own, but would also look amazing mixed in with an initial or two.

True Romance

Tying in with the ever-so-popular cameo charm-trend comes this romantic Beauty and the Beast-inspired pendant. Designed to echo the look of the Beast’s enchanted mirror from the fairytale, the sterling silver stunner features mother-of-pearl surrounded by rose-gold accents and diamonds for that magical, whimsical French quality that resonates throughout the entire story. Gift it to a Disney lover, or keep it for yourself and wear it with a pearl charm. It’s a gorgeous reminder to remember that beauty must grow inside before it can genuinely show on the outside.

Keyed In

Who could forget the timeless key charm? And yes, I had to choose one from the Tiffany & Co. lineup. This particular pendant stands out because it was dreamt up to exude optimism and hope. According to the brand’s description: “Tiffany Keys are radiant symbols of a bright future.” We could all use a little bit of this positivity right now, so why not capture the feeling with 18k rose gold and brilliant diamonds? This is a timeless beauty, indeed.

Whatever style of charm you prefer, you really can’t go wrong. The best part about this trend is that you can frequently change up your look, depending on your outfit and mood!


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