Tiffany’s New 2021 Blue Book Collection

Tiffany’s New 2021 Blue Book Collection

Meet Colors of Nature, Tiffany & Co.’s new high jewelry 2021 Blue Book collection.

Featuring a dazzling array of rare gemstones and sparkling diamonds, the collection is an ode to nature, celebrating the beauty of the world through four themes: Earth, Land, Sea, and Sky.

“Nature has long inspired our high-jewelry collections and this year was no exception,” said Tiffany & Co.’s chief gemologist, Victoria Reynolds. “We have brought some of legendary artist Jean Schlumberger’s never-before-seen designs to life in a manner that perfectly complements the Tiffany high-jewelry masterworks. While Tiffany high jewelry and Schlumberger’s designs have their own unique persona and distinct spirit, they are bridged in this presentation by the ideas of nature and color.”

Here, a preview of some of the collection’s most stunning pieces, with one from each category.


Inspired by the colors of the world, this showstopping platinum necklace features seven varieties of gemstones, including aquamarines, tanzanites, pink, orange, and green tourmalines, a morganite, and a rubellite.

According to Reynolds, “It embodies the spirit of the collection, which, at its core, is a narrative about nature’s colors.” She said it’s one of her favorite pieces from the collection.

With over 278 carats of kaleidoscopic gemstones in various cuts, it’s definitely what I would call a celebration of color and, ultimately, a masterpiece.



From pinches of red in fruits to the lush greens of plant life, color is all around us, and it demonstrates the abundant beauty of our landscapes.

It’s what sparked the inspiration of Jean Schlumberger’s Five Leaves earrings.

With striking pink-hued rubellites framed with glimmering diamonds, these breathtaking earrings “reimagine nature’s wonders.”



Deep shades of green tourmalines, sparks of aquamarines, and splashes of yellow beryls reflect azure blue seas and underwater fauna in Tiffany’s high jewelry designs.

While the sea category is brimming with beautiful pieces, the one that stood out to me was the Sea Choker, an extravagant display of aquamarines and yellow beryls totaling over 250 carats.

Each alternating 18k yellow gold frame is set with planes of rock crystal, displaying a sparkling, oval diamond at its center, as if suspending in midair.

“The effect is nothing short of mesmerizing,” said Reynolds.




Drawing inspiration from sunsets, sunrises, and winged creatures, the sky category of the collection features everything from sapphire necklaces to multicolored bird brooches. As stunning as these designs are, my favorite has to be the majestic butterfly brooch.

Crafted in18k yellow gold and adorned with custom-cut purple sapphires and cracked-ice diamonds, this beautiful butterfly brooch evokes the flawless symmetry of a butterfly’s wings.

According to Reynolds, that unique cracked ice cut “is arguably the most unique cut of all, given that each diamond is custom cut to the setting, forming a distinctive diamond mosaic effect.”

At first glance, one would believe a real butterfly was perching on your outfit.



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