The Allure of August’s Peridot

The Allure of August’s Peridot

Well known as a birthstone for the month of August, a Peridot’s powerful meanings transcend its stunning lime green tint. First off, it’s the national gem of Egypt, famously known for its power to heal and awaken the mind. Hawaiian lore believes that peridots are the hardened tears of Pele, the goddess of fire, lightning, and the volcano. Once again thought to evoke healing powers, the stone is regularly found in cooled lava and crushed up on beaches in its raw form across the islands, creating a subtle green-tinted sand. 

Harry Winston Candy

So, as you can see, this particular stone, the gem quality of Olivine, is a captivating one to own and wear. Because of its magnificent, unique glow, the peridot becomes versatile. It truly mixes well with other stones, primarily diamonds and amethysts. But I love it just as much even when it sits on its own. Here are some of my current favorites for August babies and beyond. 

For the Disney princess lover comes this Tiana-inspired diamond and peridot key pendant. Finished with a yellow-gold lily pad design at the end of the key, the sterling-silver piece lends to the charm and magic of the hardworking princess from New Orleans. The oval peridot almost matches her signature princess dress to a T, so it acts as a remarkable keepsake for anyone who looks to the film and character for inspiration. 


As I mentioned earlier, peridot pairs remarkably well with amethyst. There’s just something about the dueling bright colors that works. Enter, this gorgeous statement bangle bracelet from the Neil Lane Couture collection. The handmade creation almost looks like something from the Renaissance era. With 23.20ctw of amethyst and 26.92ctw of peridot, the masterpiece glistens even bigger thanks to its textural detailing and shapely crystal-cut stones. 

Peridot Amythest

For the vintage jewelry aficionado arrives this elegant pair of Van Cleef & Arpels peridot and diamond clip earrings from the Sotheby’s archives. Designed to clearly channel a botanical feel, the earrings are set with four oval peridots and a total of 180 round diamonds, for 6.50 carats overall. I’m in awe of the craftsmanship that has gone into these beauties, and each of the leaf-like designs. 


And last (but certainly not least) comes this firecracker of a cocktail ring from Harry Winston. Sitting at the center of it all is a 19.67-carat tourmaline, accompanied by a mélange of diamonds, yellow sapphires, and peridots. Although the peridot becomes a secondary stone here, it does a beautiful job at boosting this platinum design’s ethereal quality. 

Harry Winston Peridot

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