Powerful Partnerships Deliver on Traceability Promise of Greenland Rubies

Powerful Partnerships Deliver on Traceability Promise of Greenland Rubies

Now, more than ever, it is important to jewelry and gemstone buyers to know the provenance of gemstones and how they fulfill their brand promise of giving back to their communities and the environment.

Technology and partnerships have made it possible for gemstone buyers purchase traceable colored gemstones online, which in the past, was an impossible task because of all the data and information that had to be carefully vetted and curated.

Thanks to an awesome collaboration between GemCloud’s Gemolith responsible sourcing trading platform, Gemological Science International’s gemological expertise and colored gemstone reporting, and Greenland Ruby’s commitment to sustainable and responsible mining, a place now exists where you can purchase traceable Greenland rubies online.

“Today, three out of five jewelry brands we speak with are asking to know the provenance of gemstones and to learn more about the story behind them. This is helping us to persuade the upstream supply chain about the importance of disclosing information and implementing good practices,” says Veronica Favoroso, GemCloud’s CEO. “It is our goal to support the colored gemstone industry with more responsible sourcing, and to enable consumers to learn about the whole journey of the gemstones they purchase.”

But, more importantly, it is ruby month! Ruby is traditionally the birthstone for people born in June, and there is no better way to celebrate ruby by celebrating the story of how it contributes to communities and the environment. It is the perfect time to draw attention to Greenland Ruby and its sustainable (and pretty!) ruby and pink sapphires.

All About Rubies

Rubies are all about red. It is no coincidence one of the most desired shades of red is “ruby red.” Ruby is the same gem family as sapphire, but stands alone due to its color, caused by the element chromium that is incorporated into the crystal as it grows.

Ruby derives its name from the Latin ruber, meaning “red,” and can be found on every continent. In fact, ruby is so desired that many famous red gemstones throughout history were thought to be ruby, but turned out to be red spinel, including the Timur Ruby and the Black Prince’s Ruby.

Expert gemologists use state-of-the-art technology to identify and differentiate a gemstone from its simulants, imitations, and synthetic counterparts. It takes an even higher level of equipment and expertise to determine the country of origin of ruby.

GSI is a leading global laboratory that takes pride in providing advanced testing and identification services using non-destructive testing that ensures the identity of your ruby and any treatments or enhancements.

With GSI’s Greenland Ruby Report, you not only have the assurance of expert gemological analysis, but information about the origin of your ruby and how it is a responsibly sourced gemstone that contributes to the community and environment from which it came.

Thanks to the Gemolith platform, and the growing demand from consumers for transparency regarding a gemstone’s journey, Gemolith provides an “advanced search” filter dedicated to traceable colored gemstones, beginning with an exclusive selection from Greenland Ruby.

Greenland Rubies – Gems that Do Good

Greenland Ruby is a new and responsible source of rubies and pink sapphires in Greenland. They officially opened their mine in 2017 in an ice landscape located in the southwest of Greenland. While the gems may be the oldest on earth, the mine and processing plant used is among the newest and most elaborate in the industry.

As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, they are committed to producing gems under the strictest of Northern European regulations with regards to human rights, environment, labor, mining, and product disclosure.

“The global gemological industry prioritizes social responsibility and sustainable practices. We police ourselves by creating various organizations that set standards to promote best practices. One example of this is the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), which I am proud to serve as a board member of,” says Debbie Azar, the President and Co-Founder of GSI.

More than that, Greenland Ruby has the Pink Polar Bear Foundation, an initiative to support international polar bear research and the inhabitants of Greenland (humans, animals, and vegetation) affected by climate change.

So, when you buy a Greenland ruby, you’re not only buying a gemstone with a vibrant color, you’re also contributing to the health and well-being of the environment from which it came. Win-win!

Provenance Powered by Technology

Gemolith is the marketplace itself, powered by GemCloud, a tech company based in Hong Kong with subsidiaries across the world that develops software tailored for the stakeholders of the gemstone industry. Showcasing over 10,000 gemstones of 28 different types, this digital B2B gemstones marketplace will service international jewelry brands, manufacturers, designers, and retailers.

The first traceable colored gemstones to be available on Gemolith marketplace are rubies and pink sapphires which are ethically sourced from the Greenland Ruby mine in Aappaluttoq. Ranging from deep red to light shades of pink, the gemstones are all unique, and each tells a story of a three-billion-year journey through time and temperature.

GSI provides the essential gemological report, outlining the gemological features of each gemstone, providing unbiased, third-party grading reports clearly and accurately describe the gemstone and disclose all treatments and enhancements, so that buyers are well-informed. Gemological laboratories have always been an integral part of the diamond and colored gemstone industry, and diligent about consciously upholding consumer confidence, and are an essential part of the collaboration.

Gemological Science International (GSI) is proud to be among the official gemstone grading and testing laboratories for GemCloud and Gemolith, and Greenland Ruby.

Founded in 2005, GSI is one of the largest gemological entities in the world with lab facilities spanning four continents. The company utilizes advanced technology and processes and abides by the highest standards and practices to provide diamond and gemstone grading and identification. They therefore ensure gemstones are graded to the highest standards.

In the realm of responsibly sourced gemstones, this really is a breakthrough. It’s extremely exciting news for all of us involved–and for anyone seeking more transparency!

Thanks to this special collaboration, you can trace each Greenland Ruby gem from mine-to-market, and will receive a Certificate of Origin approved by the Government of Greenland which validates the claim of origin.

The Government of Greenland has been equipped with GemCloud software, which gives them enhanced visibility over Greenland Ruby’s global inventory and enables them to digitally tag gemstones once they are physically assessed by Gemological Science International (GSI).

A Promising Future for Gemstones

For the first time ever, we now have an online marketplace for traceable colored gemstones developed by GemCloud with the support of Greenland Ruby, and Gemological Science International, and TDI Sustainability.

It means you can learn about the whole journey and processes of the gemstones you purchase. And in purchasing, you’ll also directly be donating money to the Pink Polar Bear Foundation to support the species, as well as the people of Greenland who are affected by climate change.

It’s a really good time for the gemstone industry, and an even better time to buy Greenland rubies!


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Debbie Azar is the Co-Founder and President of Gemological Science International (GSI), one of the largest gemological organizations in the world, and a distinguished leader in the global diamond and jewelry industry. As an executive with extensive knowledge of the jewelry and gem lab industries, her entrepreneurial skills and vision have helped GSI achieve rapid and continuous growth worldwide, establishing 13 leading-edge gemological facilities on four continents. She currently serves on the boards of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Responsible Jewellery Council, and Jewelers for Children, and is a member of the 24 Karat Club of New York. She has been featured in Forbes, Daily Mail, Good Morning America, Bloomberg, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fox Business, Fox5, CBS2, BOLDTV, Varney&Co, The Street, and NASDAQ, among others.

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