Bright Side: How to Rock the Colored-Gemstone Trend

Bright Side: How to Rock the Colored-Gemstone Trend

It’s easy to understand that a colored-gemstone piece will bestow any outfit with a wow-factor. But there’s a way to sport the trend elegantly as opposed to looking like a walking rainbow. The look requires poise, and of course the right piece or pieces. Yes, you can layer your colored jewels, but I say do so with restraint and ensure you’re channeling more of an ombre/high-low vibe than donning a hodgepodge of hues. 

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Now, since there are both colored diamonds and colored gemstones in the world, there are plenty of beautiful options to play with. And did you know that each color can channel a different energy, as well? Red stones are said to evoke passion, lust and life, while green symbolizes power and prosperity. So, let’s have some fun with some vibrant pieces in some of favorite shades. 

Green Quartz Engagement Ring 

I don’t know about you, but I love a good quartz stone. Exuding a subtle blue/green tint that’s reminiscent of the sea, there’s something compelling about the elegance and meaning that the green quartz contributes to a piece of jewelry. Supposedly, it conjures love and positivity. This design from Neil Lane comes to life with a radiant-cut stone framed by round diamonds, and a pop of yellow gold to really help it stand out.

Neil Lane SIZIts demure beauty is simply perfect, and a good choice for the bride-to-be who doesn’t want something too over the top. 

Citrine Drops 

These briolette citrine, princess-inspired drop earrings are a simple go-to, adding just a hint of glamour to a day or nighttime look. Set in classic 14k gold with a blooming-rose design, they radiate that bright marigold-inspired tone that I love, which supposedly possess the power to reenergize, reset, and comfort. And because this pair is petite, you can certainly mix and match them with gold necklaces and/or bangles. 

Citrine Disney SIZEmerald Choker 

In my opinion, emeralds can turn antique-y really quickly if you’re not careful. I like them set in a fresh way; so enter this diamond and emerald choker from Jemma Wynne. Yes, it does slightly echo necklace styles of the 70s and 80s, but I’m quite smitten with its delicate, overlapping silhouette. Plus, you can easily layer this one with other gold chains, and even with a pearl or diamond-by-the-inch piece as well. And there you go: try green, yellow, and white together for a timeless mix. 

Jemma Wy SIZ

Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant

The aptly named watermelon tourmaline perfectly mimics the pink and green colors of our favorite summer fruit, with distinctive and eye-catching tones that make it a favorite with designers. Whether sliced or faceted, watermelon tourmaline adds both color and a sense of drama. Watermelon tourmaline crystals tend to form with a distinctive rounded triangular shape, as demonstrated beautifully in this stunning pendant by designer Paula Crevoshay, which features a luscious 51.05 carat watermelon tourmaline set in gold, along with tsavorite, pink tourmalines, and diamonds. Pair them with ruby or earrings for an extra dash of sparkle. 

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Multicolor Statement Necklace

If you want opulence and color mixed together for one jaw-dropping creation, Bulgari’s Cabochon Exuberance Necklace masters that. The piece serves as a tribute to Rome’s Horti Farnesiani, a lively estate from the Baroque era. Because of the intricately set diamonds, along with the 11 rare cabochon-cut jewels and the elegance they achieve from being bright, but raw-looking, the entire design is a sophisticated work of art that apparently took about 700 hours to make.

Bvlgari SIZ

Obviously, there’s really nothing more that you would need to wear with this other than a simple pair of studs. 

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