5 Necklaces that Look Stunning with a Strapless Dress

5 Necklaces that Look Stunning with a Strapless Dress

Necklaces look especially gorgeous with strapless dresses, as they accentuate the face and décolletage for a truly memorable look. Sometimes statement necklaces are just the thing for a certain style of dress, but other times dainty pieces will work better. It really depends on the look you’re hoping to achieve, and whatever is appropriate for the occasion or event you’ll be attending.

To help you choose the best necklace for your strapless dress, I’ve chosen five stunning pieces (both big and small) that will take your ensemble to a whole new level.



Chokers are a dramatic, statement-making addition to any look as long as you make sure the style complements your outfit. If you’re wearing an elegant, formal dress, keep your choker small and delicate. If your dress is more casual, you can afford to go a little bolder with your choice of choker.

Recommended: David Yurman’s Collar Necklace in Recycled 18k Yellow Gold


A delicate pendant works beautifully with a strapless dress. It’s a great piece of jewelry for adding an elegant touch, and since pendants are so versatile, you can choose which style best shows off your personality. Nowadays, you can get pendants with adornments including pearls, gems, diamonds, pretty hearts, or star signs. And they don’t just pair well with strapless dresses — you can wear them with practically anything. That’s how versatile they are.

Recommended: Tiffany & Co.’s Open Heart Pendant


Chain Necklaces

By layering a few necklaces together, you can create a striking look that’s guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Start off with a simplistic long chain necklace, then drape both a pendant length and chest-length necklace over it. You can even go one step further with your dramatic look by adding a necklace that ends at your waistline. Not everyone will favor this look, but it’s definitely worth experimenting with if you like to get creative with your outfits. Alternatively, you can keep things simple yet impactful with a single long chain necklace.

Recommended: Cartier’s Santos de Cartier Chain Necklace in White Gold



A festoon is a type of necklace that contains multiple drapes or layers of beads, chains, or other parts. It’s a bold and remarkable jewelry piece, best reserved for formal events. One of the most famous examples of a festoon necklace was the piece Queen Elizabeth II wore when she ascended to the throne on February 6, 1952.

Festoon necklaces look wonderful with strapless dresses, as all that bare skin gives them chance to shine.

Recommended: Harry Winston’s Secret Combination Diamond Necklace



Another winning piece for a strapless dress: the lariat. Lariats are clasp-free necklaces that have a Y-shape appearance. The ends are typically looped or crossed over to add a little fun and playfulness to your personal style. When it comes to accessorizing a strapless dress, you want to draw attention to your neckline with something alluring like a diamond-encrusted lariat necklace.

Recommended: Tiffany & Co.’s Vine Drop Necklace



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