5 Dainty Necklaces Jewelry Minimalists Will Love

5 Dainty Necklaces Jewelry Minimalists Will Love

If you typically gravitate towards minimalist jewelry like studs, barely-there bracelets, and miniscule rings, you’ll probably appreciate the power of a dainty necklace.

While the runways are currently filled with chunky chains and oversized earrings, we shouldn’t overlook the wonders a dainty necklace can do for your overall look.

Tiny but mighty, a dainty necklace is the simple, streamlined accessory that will add a pop of elegance to your outfit. Even if you enjoy making things a little more elaborate, you can always layer your dainty necklace with something bigger, brighter, or chunkier.

Here are five of the best dainty necklaces to shop now if you’re a minimalist at heart.

Diamond Vine Pendant

Tiffany & Co.

This 18k rose gold dainty necklace is the perfect addition to any outfit. If you’re not a fan of chunky chains or navel-length pendants, Tiffany’s Diamond Vine piece is an excellent choice for adding a burst of color and sparkle to your look. Striking and sophisticated, it’s set with round brilliant and marquise diamonds to flawlessly accessorize a crisp button-down shirt or cocktail dress. Whatever the occasion, this is a piece worth wearing every day.

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Fiorever Necklace


Inspired by the four-petal flower cherished by the Romans, which is seen as a symbol of happiness and joy, this 18k white gold pendant necklace adds a splash of color to any outfit. Set with a central brilliant-cut sapphire and pave diamonds, the Fiorever Necklace is exquisite enough to be reserved for special occasions, yet casual enough to be an everyday accessory. If you like dainty necklaces with gemstones, this sapphire piece is a wonderful selection.

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Etincelle De Cartier Necklace


A dazzling piece that’s guaranteed to steal your heart, the Etincelle de Cartier necklace is a white gold stunner set with 12 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.45 carats. It might be dainty, but it sure will make an impact to your everyday shirt or dress. Anyone looking to add a little sparkle to their wardrobe will appreciate the simplistic beauty of Cartier’s dainty necklace.


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Happy Hearts Wings Necklace


A playful piece inspired by the butterfly – the emblem of lightness – Chopard’s Happy Hearts Wings necklace blends the delicacy and strength of a butterfly into a dreamy design that will capture the hearts of both minimalists and maximalists. Two golden hearts that resemble wings are suspended from a heart with a dazzling diamond nestling inside.


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Pearl and Diamond Pendant

Tiffany & Co.

Perfect for pearl-lovers and minimalists, this sensational piece blends a unique combination of cuts for a romantic and refined necklace. Inspired by the fire and radiance of Tiffany and Co.’s superlative diamonds, this pretty pendant adds just the right amount of sparkle to your look without going overboard. Platinum set with marquise diamonds and a cultured South Sea pearl, this piece is mesmerizing.


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